Monday, December 17, 2007

What is the significance of Theerthakund?

Sadhguru: In India, there is a whole tradition of always having a shower and going to the temple with wet hair. When you want to enter a temple, the first thing is you have a bath outside and go in with wet clothes because a wet body is always much more receptive to the energies than a dry one. The Theerthakund is basically used as a mechanism or a tool - as a preparatory tool - to enter Dhyanalinga; but by itself it is also very powerful.
There is a mercury lingam in the Theerthakund. The Rasalinga is made of solidified mercury which is 99.8% pure mercury. This is generally considered 100%. There are only 0.2 % of impurities which could not be taken out. Generally, according to the principles of modern chemistry, you cannot solidify mercury at room temperature. In extremely low temperatures mercury can be solidified, but in normal temperatures there is no such thing. Here, you see, at normal room temperature, it is solidified in this Linga. This is an ancient science, an ancient Indian alchemy, through which mercury can be solidified at room temperature. And mercury is the heaviest substance on the planet. This Linga is just two feet tall, but it weighs 680 kgs. That's a lot of weight for an object of this size. The rock beneath, the avudayar, which is at least 5 or 6 times bigger than the lingam itself, probably weighs just about 150 kgs or maybe 200 kgs, not more.
Mercury, as a substance, has been a very, very important part of all kinds of spiritual alchemy around the world. Here, there is a whole mastery of this science known as the Rasa Vidhya or Rasa Vaidhya where we use solidified mercury as a system of healing. It is very rare, but if it is properly prepared, if it is properly consecrated, it is very healing. You know in South India some people are wearing a ball of mercury around their neck? You can consecrate mercury whichever way you want, and the reverberation is almost eternal. It will stay forever because the substance has that quality- it retains the reverberations for a very, very long time. The core of Dhyanalinga is also solidified mercury.
So, the Rasalinga was consecrated in a particular way - fundamentally to open up one's receptivity and stabilize physical imbalances in a person. When I say physical imbalances, I am talking about pranic imbalances which cause physical disturbance - physical and mental disturbance. It straightens out the energy or the pranic imbalances in a person, which will lead to a lot of physical and mental well-being. But the main focus here is to create spiritual receptivity.
You will hear, in the next few months, many people claiming miraculous healing and things like that. You shouldn't be surprised because it has the capability to do that, though we are not going to promote it in that direction. We are more promoting it as a pool which will enhance spiritual receptivity. But you will see lot of people claiming physical well-being out of it. Yesterday, an 83-year-old man came to me and shared, "after I went into the pool twice, I feel 5 years younger than what I am." He had not climbed a staircase in the last 3 or 4 years but he went down by himself and came up by himself and he is very proud. He wants to stay back in the ashram for his life because he thinks he is going to become a young man if he has a dip everyday. It could happen.
I just went in it once and for almost three days I couldn't close my eyes - I was just wide awake, like that. I don't think I'm going to take dips too often. There is a tremendous amount of energy there and when the body is wet, it is always much more receptive than when the body is dry. You must stay there for 7 minutes at least. If you stay there 7 to 12 minutes, you will see a tremendous sense of vibrance and rejuvenation in the body.
The water there has not become dense, it is just that the vibrance of the lingam makes you feel buoyant. This energy soaked water will have an uplifting effect on the physical body in terms of health and well-being. Above all, it creates a tremendous sense of receptivity - a spiritual receptivity - in a person.
If we want to understand it in terms of chakras - it is mainly in the region of Swadishtana and Manipuraka. It's between these two. That's how the Linga is made. It has created a powerful field of its own.
So, for those people who don't get the point easily, we want to drown them. Drown them not in water; drown them into a certain energy field so that even the hardest nuts will crack somewhere.

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